Half to Full Body Portrait, single subject




  • May include a prop based on photo. 

How It Works:

1. Please send me your inquiry and favorite photo(s) at ElizStarlight[at]gmail[dot]com. The best photos are ones that touch your heart and are high-quality (good lighting, large enough to see facial detail).

2. Let me know if you have an abstract background color preference (more colorful/artsy? Or neutral/earthy?).

3. Once you have purchased the order and I receive confirmation, I will get started on your painting. Please allow 5 to 14 business days for delivery, depending on the complexity of the portrait. 

4.  I will email you a lower resolution proof for your approval. I am happy to make minimal revisions free of charge for the first two proofs.

5. Once you confirm the proof, I will send it as a high-quality 300 dpi digital .jpeg and PDF format to your email.

Refund Policy: No refund will be issued after the final photo is sent, as it is a digital file. However, if you are unsatisfied in any way please contact me and I will do my best to resolve the issue with you. All my clients have been 100% satisfied with their artwork!


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