Portrait Illustration

Having your artwork in the digital medium is valuable in many ways!

  • You’ll never worry about your painting getting lost or ruined, as it can always be printed again.
  • Print instantly at home or email it to your favorite print shop.
  • Give your artwork as gifts to family and friends.
  • Make high-quality framed prints, cards, wall art and more keepsakes with online printers such as mpix.com. 
  • Print large or small, as many times as you like.
  • Old family photos can be scanned into the computer, sent to me and turned into a masterpiece to be cherished for generations.
Portrait detail

Commissioning a portrait is fun and easy!

Send me your photo and I will transform it into a unique and beautiful digital-oil painting to be cherished for generations.

I apply my background as a traditional oil painter to hand-paint every detail with my pressure-sensitive pen and Wacom tablet, iMac and Corel Painter, which I love for its freedom of expression and color choices.

My goal is to work with you to deliver a unique painting for your family to cherish for years to come. The portraits can be of any subject—families, pets, children, houses, favorite places or treasured possessions, and can celebrate any special event, including weddings, birthdays, graduations—you name it!

My commissioned portraits are digital-oil creations based on photos you supply or photos submitted to me by photographers for their clients. Just about any photo will work, as long as you have the photographer’s permission for copyrighted photos. Working with the photo, I hand-paint every digital brushstroke. There are no tricks applied to your photo to get the look of my paintings—each one is painted with the same skill, talent and time that would go into a traditional painting.

Once you receive the high-resolution file it can be printed at home or at your local print shop, or I can print and ship it for you. If your portrait ever becomes damaged, it’s easy to print the digital file again, an added benefit of the digital medium.

Celebrate your loved ones with a beautiful digital painting! Simply send me a photo that touches your heart and I will hand-paint a digital art masterpiece.


How It Works:

1. Please send me your inquiry and favorite photo(s) at ElizStarlight[at]gmail[dot]com. The best photos are ones that touch your heart and are high-quality (good lighting, large enough to see facial detail).

2. Let me know if you have an abstract background color preference (more colorful/artsy? Or neutral/earthy?).

3. Once you have purchased the order and I receive confirmation, I will get started on your painting. Please allow 5 days to three weeks for delivery, depending on the complexity of the portrait. 

4.  I will email you a lower resolution proof for your approval. I am happy to make minimal revisions free of charge for the first two proofs.

5. Once you confirm the proof, I will send it as a high-quality 300 dpi digital .jpeg and PDF format to your email.

Refund Policy: No refund will be issued after the final photo is sent, as it is a digital file. However, if you are unsatisfied in any way please contact me and I will do my best to resolve the issue with you. All my clients have been 100% satisfied with their artwork!

Portrait Prices: (includes abstract painted background)

  •    $150 – Head/shoulders portrait. $100 per additional subject (person or pet).
  •    $200 – Half to Full body portrait. May include a prop based on photo. $150 per additional subject (person or pet).

Simply send me your favorite high-quality photo to get started!

Custom Portrait from Scratch or Multiple Photos:

Creating a special portrait to fit your vision is a very fun and collaborative process where anything is possible. This is where I can work my magic on the composition, background, and even recreating lost detail (as in poor quality photos). I can paint whatever you envision!

Price varies per project, usually starting at $450. Please inquire about a custom quote.

“I absolutely love it!!! Thank you so much!! My brother absolutely freaked out and LOVES it!! He said it’s the best gift he’s ever gotten! I couldn’t thank you enough. It is absolutely perfect!”

Brenna Berney, from OR, 2016

With my lifelong background in traditional oils, and using Corel Painter since 2008, I can paint any style and any color scheme to fit any decor. Please see my examples and feel free to discuss how you’d like your commissioned painting to look. I welcome your feedback throughout the creative process.

The Final Artwork:

You will receive a High Resolution digital painting (.jpeg and PDF file) which will be emailed to you at a minimum size of 15×15 or 11×14.

Print in any size, large or small, as often as you like to give as keepsakes to family and friends. You can email the file to your favorite print shop (mpix.com, Fedex Office or Costco are great).

There is NO physical product shipped. For an additional fee, I can have your painting printed and framed for you at my favorite art print shop!

©2020 Elizabeth Starlight. All works digitally hand-painted by the artist and may not be sold to others.