Elizabeth is a fourth generation artist in her family, specializing in both traditional and digital oil painting from a young age.

Her traditional background combined with the digital medium allows for the most freedom in creative expression. Her digital oil style evolved from painting her own nature photography and illustrating her poetry since 2008. While painting for various client projects over the years, from stories to portraits, Elizabeth discovered her favorite subject, whimsical fantasy.

She explains, “I realized I was bored painting what was in reality. When I finally embraced myself as a ‘dreamer’, inviting my own imagination, it wasn’t work at all. I began sketching endless ideas–pop pop pop!”

Elizabeth’s work allows viewers to bring their own imagination and emotion to each painting. Each person discovers a different story from the same piece. “I want my art to remind people of beauty, especially in ourselves, in our own imaginations,” she says.

Her hobbies include writing poetry and magical stories for kids, nature photography and edible gardening in her Florida backyard.