I am a fourth generation artist in my family, specializing in both traditional and digital oil painting.

I grew up in Connecticut, in my mother’s painting studio, where we collaborated on artwork, selling my character designs as oil paintings for a gallery in New York City (included in the Innocence of Vision exhibit at the Housatonic Museum of Art). As I grew up we sold New York themed collaborative paintings, with my own style evolving into colorful nature scenes and dreamscapes. Exploring this style of art gives me the greatest freedom of expression. My goal today is to simply create beauty and invite viewers to bring their imagination and emotion to my paintings.

I still love designing characters and telling their stories through art or writing. I’m currently working on stories to be published for children and YA. I’ve also written poetry for over a decade, and read from my self-published and illustrated book, Poetry For Your Life, at many poetry gatherings where I live.

Thanks to my musical husband, throughout my twenties I worked with all kinds of recording artists in the music industry, photographing and digitally oil painting portraits or custom album artwork for such clients as original Alice Cooper drummer, Neal Smith, and former Prince drummer, John Blackwell, with the legendary Chick Corea. Life is full of art, to say the least!