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A poem with ambiance…

Does every nation have a National Poetry Day? I'll celebrate it every day of the year! Here's one of my first illustrated poems, called By The Ocean At Night. I had done an oil painting and recently got Corel Painter, so I digitized it for fun. This is one of my favorite poems. BY THE [...]

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Sul Das Gerais CD Art

Just got Marcelo and Omar's CD in my hands. Another music project that I did the artwork for!  Sul Das Gerais is a beautiful CD and I am pleased they are so happy with the audio and visual work!

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Oil painting again!

I've decided to paint at night in the Lounge waiting to close up. Just have to be careful with getting paint on my nicer work clothes! It's coming along! Next pic will reveal the dandelion(s)... Finally! Even though I stilllll have more grass to fill in. I never realized how much detail really goes into [...]

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Children’s Book

Just wrote a new children's book tonight! They get less complex and more 'effective'? as I get older. I like this one! A spin-off of one I've been working on since I was in high school... but now it all makes SENSE and I can do a series. I just love when things make sense. [...]

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Painting to start the day

This is where I relaxed this morning. Grateful for Corel Painter and my Wacom pen.

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Perfection is not the goal

REALIZATION!!! (That I could only make now that I have enough time to sit back, look around, and make it!) I love writing and illustrating poetry, my children's book and making videos, promo design and working on the biz website. I used to think I was confused because of all my interests, but I realized it all [...]

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“I Love Clearwater – Past, Present and Future!” Exhibit

I'm so happy I participated in the "I Love Clearwater - Past, Present and Future!" showcase at the Menaul Gallery. Here's a video testimonial I did for Jerri and Scott. It also documents a new milestone for my artistic journey!

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What journey is this???

Oh. Why??????  Why am I doing these Creative Journey posts even though I'm not on my journey anymore. That's what it feels like. Wait... That's why I'm doing this. To remind myself that no matter what I go through, what other adventures I'm on, I WILL wind up where I want to be, doing my art [...]

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The foundation of all that I do

I have faith in humanity and believe we are all good people, some just act badly. Knowing this is what fuels my passion for helping others through creativity. It's important that I do what I do. Because people and helping them is important. So then isn't it incredible how so few can give problems to so many? [...]

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Artist vs Business

Trying to keep the artist in me alive though a small business owner. I never anticipated this growing up, that I would be anything but an artist. But I enjoy helping my husband achieve his dreams, and I know he can't do it without me! I just want some encouragement to focus on what is [...]

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